North Clarkston Circulation Study

The North Clarkston Circulation Study identifies existing areas/locations of the roadway network that are deficient with respect to current and projected traffic volumes and traffic conflicts.  In addition, the study will provide short-term and long-term solutions for these deficiencies.  Short-term solutions are considered those that can be implemented in 12 - 18 months, with minimal cost, and will temporarily remedy deficiencies for a horizon of 3 - 6 years (year 2020).  Long-term solutions are considered those that will require more funding and will provide solutions for a 20 year design life (year 2040).

After the 2016 Analysis, which can be viewed below, it was determined that more work was required for this area.  As such, in April, 2017, the LCVMPO commissioned an amendment to the original study to look at the cause and effect of each intersection improvement.  Further analysis should give recommendations on the phasing or grouping of projects for efficiency and timeliness.  Updated cost estimates will also be included. The amendment, projected to be complete in October, 2017, will combine all efforts into one document.