Open Solicitations

Current open solicitations for the LCVMPO:  

LCVMPO Independent Biennial Audit

LCVMPO Safe Streets for All Safety Action Plan

       Questions submitted regarding this RFP:

  • Is the funding application you submitted to receive this grant available for review?  
  • On page 7 of the pdf, under the Submittal Content heading: For the Project Experience section, are you looking for us to list specific similar past projects in this section? It seems like the narrative for accomplishing this project would be similar to what we would list in the following Project Execution Approach and Schedule section. If you would like us to list specific projects, is there a minimum or maximum number of projects we should list?
    • Typically we see a description of similar projects that the firm has worked on previously that are similar to this project.  Realizing this is a new grant, we would not expect that the firm would have done an SS4A Safety Action Plan.  However, the firm could give examples of safety plans, public outreach, or other planning efforts that have elements that are similar to this project.

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