Strategic Plan

LCVMPO Vision:  A safe, efficient, and connected multimodal transportation system.

LCVMPO Mission:  The mission of the Lewis Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization is to plan, prioritize, and facilitate funding opportunities for the regional transportation system in the Lewis Clark Valley through collaboration, coordination, and leadership.

Strategy 1:  Administer the Agency
Objective: Project Management
Goal 1A: Pre Scoping Meetings
Goal 1B: Debrief Meetings
Objective: Member Education
Goal 1C: Policy Review
Goal 1D: Education Series
Objective:  Manage Financial Portfolio
Goal IE: Budget Review
Goal 1F: Prepare for Future MPO Allocations
Objective: Staff Backup
Goal 1G: Short Term Strategy
Objective: Strategic Planning
Goal 1H: Strategic Plan Review
Strategy 2: Engage the Public
Objective: MPO Outreach and Education
Goal 2A: Annual Report Creation and Presentation
Goal 2B: Open House Presentations
Goal 2C: Community Groups
Strategy 3: Plan the System
Objective: Long Range Plan Update and Implementation
Goal 3A: LRTP Updates
Goal 3B: Annual LRTP Report
Goal 3C: TIP
Objective: Multimodal Transportation
Goal 3D: Multi-modal Studies
Goal 3E: Regionalization of Public Transportation
Goal 3F: Regionalization of GIS
Goal 3G: Support rail, water, air issues
Objective: Local Transportation Plans
Goal 3H: Support funding of Local Transportation Plans
Goal 3I: Support Implementation of Transportation Plans
Strategy 4:  Prepare for Project Funding Opportunities
Objective: Data Collection
Goal 4A: Identify Data; create clearinghouse
Goal 4B: Identify Data Gaps
Goal 4C: Create Inventories
Goal 4D: GIS Layers
Objective: Identify Funding Resources
Goal 4E: Master list of funding resources and criteria
Goal 4F: Match Funding to local Transportation Plans
Objective: Training
Goal 4G: Identify Funding Training Opportunities
Goal 4H: Identify Construction Project Management Training Opportunities

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