Long Range Plan 

The Long Range Transportation Plan is the MPO's vision document for the regional transportation network.  Included in the plan is the following:
  • An identification of transportation facilities of all types that should function as an integrated metropolitan transportation system, giving emphasis to those facilities that serve important national and regional transportation systems
  • A financial plan that demonstrates how the adopted long range transportation plan can be implemented, indicates resources from public and private sources that are reasonably expected to be made available to carry out the plan, and recommends any additional financing strategies for needed projects and programs
  • A recommendation of capital investments and other measures necessary to assure the preservation of the existing metropolitan transportation systems and to make the most efficient use of existing transportation facilities to relieve vehicular congestion and maximize the mobility of people and goods.
In 2020, the LRTP was reviewed and updated.  The update, called Valley Destinations 2.0 was approved by the Policy Board at their meeting on December 10, 2020.  

LCVMPO Long Range Transportation Plan